The Sadayush Logo

The logo itself defines Sadayush. The 'Hasta' (Symbol of open palm) is the center of the identity. It is a symbol of blessing. The curls that form within the Hasta showcase its organic foundation. The five fingers represent the 5 elements of nature i.e., space, ether, fire, water and earth. The Hasta has been given a golden hue to depict the premiumness and healing power. The soft curved font type that forms the name Sadayush has been carefully chosen to give a sense of simplicity and calmness. The curls of the Hasta have been taken forward in the 'S' of Sadayush to have a connection between the brand name and the insignia. The arch at the bottom connotes the care and dependability offered by the brand. The brand identity finds balance and holistic feel in the green background that represents Ayurveda & Nature.