The Cholayil Heritage

Ayurveda. The art and science of living. Nearly 5000 years ago, Srila Vyasadeva wrote the Vedas including a branch of natural treatment method, called the"Ayurveda". He entrusted the copies of the same to the most enlightened of his disciples.

Thousands of years later, a family of illustrious Ayurvedic practitioners emerged in Kerala, known as Cholayil. Dedicated to improve the lives of people; they created a niche of their own.

The early Cholayil family work came into the limelight through the great pundit, Bhramarishi Cholayil Kunjumani Vaidyar, whose contemporary methods of treatments made him India's modern Dhanvantari. Through his great knowledge, and ayurvedic prowess, he became a scholar transcending the times.

Later, Bhramarishis' two sons, Cholayil Shankaran Vaidyar(1889-1952) and Cholayil Kunjumani Vaidyar(1894-1954) made Ayurveda not a treatment method, but an experience in itself. Cholayil Kunjumani Vaidyar worked many miracles in the field and Shankaran Vaidyar visited far off places and concentrated more on curing complicated and complex ailments. Their distinctive ways and innovative methods made their names legendary in Ayurvedic treatment therapies.

Much later, under the guidance of Sri V P Sidhan, the flagship brand, Medimix emerged. A soap that had its humble beginnings from a small backyard factory today has emerged as one of the strongest brand names amongst consumers. V P Sidhans' endurance, efforts and business acumen has made the company a distinguished brand name in itself.

Now, with the guidance and support of Pradeep Cholayil, Cholayil Pvt Limited has become a multi crore FMCG organization with business flourishing both nationally and internationally. With the opening of "Sadayush", the company has gone a mile further to penetrate into the very roots of ayurveda providing holistic ayurvedic care, one that has is a briiliant concoction of modern aesthetics and ancient ayurvedic techniques.