I took 14 days weight reduction Ayurvedic Cure & Care I had a very good Ayurvedic Cure & Care, I was 80kgs before after Ayurvedic Cure & Care I'm 75kgs Therapist are good, Doctors are very friendly."

- Ms. Lavanya, Chennai

All the best, One of the best Ayurvedic Centre."

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Very Invigorating Very relaxing."

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Excellent service - the facility is well organized and kept. The service staff are courteous and experience is great."

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The beautiful ambience of Sadayush has left me speechless. And the progressive list of Ayurvedic Cure & Care promises to cater to every individuals taste n ailment."

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The Service of the staff are very courteous, effective and most satisfactory."

- Mr. Jayaraman, Chennai